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Fri Jan 20, 2012 5:38 am#1


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Huân chương cao quý :

Năng nổ

Có 400 bài

Tên thật Tên thật : Lê Châu Thanh
Điện Thoại Điện Thoại : 0979.557.334
Tổng số bài gửi Tổng số bài gửi : 928
Tham gia : 05/11/2011
Tuổi : 27
Đến từ Đến từ : TP Bến Tre
Huân chương cao quý :

Năng nổ

Có 400 bài

Tên thật Tên thật : Lê Châu Thanh
Điện Thoại Điện Thoại : 0979.557.334
Tổng số bài gửi Tổng số bài gửi : 928
Tham gia : 05/11/2011
Tuổi : 27
Đến từ Đến từ : TP Bến Tre
Bài gửi Windows 7 Infinium 64 SP1 (by AMJ)_ Bản Windows 7 không thể bỏ qua
Applications : Windows : English
Windows 7 Infinium 64 SP1

Back from a brief hiatus, I present to you Windows 7 Infinium 64 SP1.
This OS is built on MSDN Windows 7 Enterprise, 64 bit with Service
Pack 1. All updates as of 4/2011 including Internet Explorer 9 and the .net 4.0 Framework are intergrated.

There are many themes and custom icons, sounds, as well as GUI tweeks as seen in the screenshots.

This OS is tweeked for speed and most important, stability.

Apss installed by post-installer:

-Office 2010 Pro Plus Retail converted to Volume License (version 14.0.4760.1000) (64-bit)
-Phototshop CS4
-Foxit Phantom PDF Suite
-Restorator 2007
-Ccleaner 3.0.5
-VLC Media Player
-Firefox 4

Included as "EXTRAS":

-RemoveWAT 2.5
-Stardock Fences
-Office 2010 Toolkit
-TeamViewer 6 Portable
-Windows 7 Start Button Changer
-SFX Maker
-Nexus Dock
-eZe Bootable USB
-Copy Wipe
-HAL7600 Activator
-WOAT 3.2 KMS Activator
-Rainmeter Gadget
-Theme Resource Changer

Technical Stuff:

[Control Panel Add]
Windows switcher=Add

Control panel view=Category

Show Hidden Wallpapers and Themes=Enable
Action center notifications on taskbar=Disable
Application TimeOut=3000
Show Windows Live=Enable
Font Smoothing=Enable
Auto EndTask=Enable
Lowlevel Hooks TimeOut=2000
Wait to Kill Application TimeOut=4000
Show Desktop Icons=Enable

[Desktop Taskbar]
Show run on start menu=Enable
Lock the taskbar=Unlock
Show start menu Administrative tools=Enable

[Explorer Shortcuts]
Power Options=Enable
Programes and Features=Enable
Ease Of Access=Enable
Administrative Tools=Enable
Windows Firewall=Enable
Regional Language=Enable
Windows Update=Enable
NetWork and Sharing Center=Enable
Folder Options=Enable
Device Manager=Enable
Backup and Restore=Enable
Set User Default=Enable
Auto Play=Enable
Workspace Center=Enable

[Explorer Context]
Add Device Manager=Enable
Add MS-Config=Enable
Add Services=Enable
God Mode=Enable
Registry Editor=Enable
Administrative Tools=Enable
Change Cursor=Enable
Change Sounds=Enable
Change Theme=Enable
Change Wallpaper=Enable
Desktop Icon Settings=Enable
DPI Scaling=Enable
Task Manager=Enable
User Accounts=Enable
Copy To=Enable
Move To=Enable
Grant Admin Permission=Enable
Open With Notepad=Enable
Disk Clean up=Enable
Register and Unregister dll=Enable

[Explorer Views]
Show Hidden Files and Folders=Enable
Hide File Extensions=Disable

Anti spyware=Disable
Windows Firewall=Default

Windows Update=Automatic (Delayed Start)

UXTheme patch=Enable
Command Window Background Colour=White
Show start menu search=Enable
Command Window Text Colour=Blue
Faster Browsing With Internet Explorer=Enable
Set Mouse Pointer Speed Maximum=Enable
Full Information During Shutting Down=Enable
Number of recent items to display in jump list=5
Low disk space warning=Disable

[Visual Effects]
Thick Window frame=Enable
Drag From Full Windows=Enable
Slow Motion Windows Effects=Enable
Transparent Glass=Enable
Avalon effects=Enable
Minimize and Maximize Animation=Enable
Drag From Maximize=Enable
Colorization Opaque Blend=Enable

[Internet Explorer]
Set Maximum downloads to 20=Enable
Search Box=Enable
Default Search Page=www.google.com
Show URL ToolBar=Enable
Show full URL=Enable
Show ToolBar=Enable

[Media Center]
Background Animation=Enable
Skip Default Shell Check=Enable


Q. Can I do an upgrade with this OS?
A. No, you must do a clean install. Backup all your data and format.

Q. Is it activated?
A. Well, kinda. RemoveWAT runs at the end of the post installer. Activation will not be required.
If you have your own key or want a different activation method, just close RemoveWAT when it starts.

Q. Do I have to enter a serial?
A. No, just skip it

Q. The themes are too dark, I can't see text. How do I fix this?
A. That's the problem with "dark" themes but it's easily fixed by just changing to a light theme.

Q. Can I use updates?
A. Yes, just avoid update KB971033. See the READ ME included w/this torrent.

Post Installer takes a few minutes to get going at first start up-


Also, the progress bar is clear in the Office 2010 installer, so you can't see the progress. Just
let it finish!

(NOFX, Mr.Grimm, 7SINNER and those I forgot)

As always, thanks to those who support me! You are my motivation for keeping these projects going.

Download W7_ẠM(Share10s.Com )

Pass Join File=Share10s.Com

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